Monday, September 26, 2011

Today's Photography-26-Sep-2011

Hi every one,

All the Photographs are shot around 8.30AM to 9.15AM with Nikon Cool Pix L120 for Exploring the camera's features. Please Click on the Image to see in original size.

Shot with Zoom 

Almost Maximum Optical zoom 

Macro, would you believe this is shot in sun light?

Zoom shot

Sunlight Macro

 Mosquito- Macro and Zoom 

Guess what is This. 

Macro- Light and Shadow.

MaX Zoom 

 The beautiful Blood Sucker
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Anonymous said...

Stunning Performance !


K said...

One from our Friend Said that this Nikon L120 is not up to the mark in Macro Photos, so I tried out some thing to test and it proved he is wrong.

Thanks for the Comments Karthik.

Bharath said...

Superb anna...

And, a photo with the captions "Guess what is This." is that a broken point in the ceiling wall ?

தமிழ்செல்வன் said...

Nice ...

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