Friday, April 23, 2010

திருநீர்மலைமேலிருந்து அந்திசாயல்

A View of Neervanna Perumal temple and Tank From Thiruneermalai.
(Wide angele and Normal)

Sun in the Evening Sky

Ranganatha Perumal Temple Tower, Sun and FlagPost

Sun and temple's Sacrifice Stone(Bali Peetam)

Camera Used: Canon PowerShot S5IS, Shot in Custom Mode without Flash. Timimg was around 5.45 PM.


madymgr said...

என் கேமராவின் பார்வையில்...
I like ur blog Header Photo, u r utilizing the camera in nice way, ur work looks like a professional touch.

navaneth said...

Good opening...

All the best.

Pallavas said...

Great work. If you add description to the blog, that will be more useful.

Well done.

krubha said...

Thanks for the Support, Madymgr,Navaneeth and Pallavas

janibh said...

Views of your Camera-its
Views of our Soul too..

A thing of Beauty is
joy for Ever..

your View and style is
Always-glad for Others

Let The Nature to
Take a rebirth through your View!

Let Your friends
Take a New Breath for a While!

Best Of Luck and Click KRUPA!

Minnal said...

வணக்கம் நன்பரே
தாங்கள் முன்பு இங்கு வந்த நாள், நேரம் :- வெள்ளி, Jul 29, 2011 ;018:020:011 PM

நன்பரே ----> நண்பரே

Mugunthan said...

Nice bro

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